About us

Business Concept:

ONA Fashion is an up scale women and man fashion boutique that has its creative studio in Johannesburg. ONA Afrika produces ready to wear [RTW] designer and casual/contemporary apparel and accessories for women and men


Financial Features:


Maintaining profit margins that are above 50% through close attention to

expenses and costs of manufacturing the ONA product, has helped to start and

establish the brand debt free.


Major achievements:


  • Entry into a well established market
  • Creation of a niche market with in the industry
  • Market leader to the established African print niche market
  • Creation of a competitive edge in the industry


Current Business Position


ONA fashion is currently in its growth phase moving from a micro sized to a small sized enterprise in less than a year.

  • Establishment of the ONA Brand
  • Successful Entry into the Fashion Industry
  • Creation of a Niche Market